LSA+ Rome

LSA+ Rome

Offered fall and winter terms.

Prerequisite: Italian 3 with a grade of B or better. Two of the LSA+ courses count toward the major or the minor.

The Advanced Language Study Abroad (LSA+) in Rome offers intermediate students the possibility to immerse themselves in one of the most remarkable of Western cultures in one of its most emblematic cities. Rome is without parallel in its cultural riches. This program allows students to develop their linguistic skills by living and studying in the stimulating environment of a major European capital.

Students live with Italian families and take three Dartmouth courses taught exclusively in Italian:

  • Italian 8, Exploring Italian Culture and Language, serves as an introduction to modern and contemporary Italian literature, culture and society.
  • Italian 10, Introduction to Italian Literature, is taught by the Dartmouth professor. This course offers a general introduction to Italian literature. Topics vary according to the interest of the instructor.
  • Italian 12, Advanced Writing and Speaking in Italian, is an advanced language and composition course in which students will work with a wide range of linguistic and cultural materials in order to achieve competence in Italian grammar, and oral and written expression.