Professor Yasser Elhariry Awarded the 2016 MLA William Riley Parker Prize

Yasser Elhariry, Assistant Professor in the Department of French and Italian, has received the Modern Language Association's 2016 William Riley Parker Prize for an essay he wrote that was published in PMLA, the Association's journal of literary scholarship.  Professor Elhariry's essay, "Abdelwahab Meddeb, Sufi Poets, and the New Francophone Lyric," which appeared in the March 2016 issue of the publication, forms part of his book, Pacifist Invasions: Arabic, Translation, and the Postfrancophone Lyric, forthcoming in 2017 from Liverpool University Press as part of the Contemporary French and Francophone Cultures series. 

The following is taken from the 2016 MLA Awards Ceremony program regarding Professor Elhariry's award and essay:

"Elhariry weaves a fine-grained analysis of the political, religious, and historical contexts in Meddeb's poetry even as he captures the way poetic language works in all its untranslatability and interlinguistic registers.  Elhariry's description enriches our sense of the geopolitical dimensions of literature and reminds us how criticism can do justice to world histories and to the imaginations of authors shaping contemporary literature in and across several languages."

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