*This Summer* French 10.19 and French 40.04

Upper level Summer courses:  Prof. Beasley

French 10:  A la recherche du bonheur

The events of the past few months in particular have led many of us to reflect on what constitutes happiness and what makes us as individuals truly happy.  In this course we will enter into dialogue with French writers and thinkers who have long been attracted to this subject.  We will explore happiness from all angles and across centuries.  Has the concept of happiness changed from the Middle Ages to the present?  How have authors written about le bonheur?  Why have they chosen this subject?  Is there anything particular about bonheur in the French context? 

     This course was first offered in winter 2020. Over the spring term it was adapted for an online format.  There will be some asynchronous work, but for the most part we will meet as we would have if the course were being held on campus.  This is a discussion based course that will enable you to improve your spoken and written French, as we create a conversation with the past and present and construct our own interpretations of this fundamental concept.

French 40:  Molière

Molière is France's best known and most universally loved playwright.  Over three hundred years after his death, his plays continue to dominate the French stage and stages across the world.  In this course, we will explore Molière's creative genius to understand his profound and lasting influence.  This course has been redesigned for the summer 2020  online offering.  Some of the questions we will explore asynchronously but primarily synchronously are:  What was and is the role of theatre in society?  Why is Molière so important to French culture?  How was a play staged in 17th-century France?  How have the staging of Molière's plays changed over time?  What is the relationship between politics and theatre?  What is comedy? How did the public experience Molière's comedy?  In addition to studying French theatre and its history, we will create our own theatre troupe.