If you'll take Italian 1 or Italian 11 in Fall 2021, we are glad to inform you that we will be using a new and less expensive textbook and online platform: "Dieci" by Alma Edizioni. We made this change to increase access and inclusiveness to a foreign language through a lower textbook cost and a student-friendly online platform.

Language textbook's prices have risen significantly in past years to the point that they have become a burden for students. The textbook we chose not only has a lower cost, but it also provides authentic cultural context and a well-designed digital platform for practicing your language skills. 

"Dieci" is divided into three different volumes that correspond to the levels of our language sequence. You can purchase each volume independently online (directly from the Italian publisher) at the price of $30.50.  This price includes access to the online platform. 

We are happy to be taking one more step toward access and inclusiveness so that all Dartmouth students have the opportunity to learn Italian.