Open House Thursday, September 7 in Dartmouth Hall 105-4:30-5:30pm

At Dartmouth, we're committed to learning about place and absorbing new culture – whether that place is in northern New England or much further afield. In the Department of French and Italian, engage with the language, politics, literature, history, and art of two foundational world civilizations and their influence in many parts of the globe. Come meet our faculty to learn about language sequence classes, intermediate courses on culture and society, and more advanced topic seminars. We're especially proud of our off-campus programs in Paris, Rome and Toulouse; many '27s will be able to spend a summer, winter or spring term participating with classmates on a faculty-led Dartmouth program in one of these thrilling cities! The time to start planning is now -- as you arrive on campus, begin thinking about the linguistic and cultural skills that will let you explore a vast array of places and get to know a great diversity of people.  Please also visit our department website for more information on classes, major and minor requirements, faculty biographies, and programs abroad: