Robert St. Clair

Assistant Professor of French

319 Dartmouth Hall
HB 6087
French and Italian
B.A. Knox College
Licence, Université de Paris VII
M.A. Université de Franche-Comté
Ph.D. University of Minnesota

Selected Publications

"Material Inscriptions - Charles Baudelaire and the Poetry of the Modern World," The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to World Literature, vol. 4, 1771-1919 (London: Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming 2017), 12pp.

"Failure is Our Only Option: Or, Some Thoughts on Reading" - Incipit: Reading (Chambers)Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 45:3-4 (Spring-Summer, 2017), 122-130.

"Introduction: Time for Idleness..." (with Dr. Audrey Evrard, Fordham University), Nottingham French Studies 55:1 (March 2016), 1-4.

“Zut pictura poiesis: Lyric Relations and Legacies in Coin de table and the Sonnet du trou du cul,” in Poets as Readers in Nineteenth-Century France: Critical Reflections, Joseph Acquisto, Adrianna Paliyenko, and Catherine Witt, eds. ( London: IGRS, 2015), 149-168.

“Reframing the Commune: Violence, Intertextuality, and Event in Tardi’s Cri du peuple,” Romance Notes, 55:1 (2015), 147-159.

"Écrire, la main dans la main: de la fleur parodique au communisme littéraire – ‘Le Sonnet du trou du cul’,” Parade sauvage 25 (2015), 69-104. (Highly commended for the Society of Dix-neuviémistes Publication Prize - best journal article by an early career researcher, 2016)

“Misères de la poésie – microlecture des économies de la violence dans Les Yeux des pauvres,” Lectures du Spleen de Paris, Steve Murphy, ed. (Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2014), 307-320.

“Laughing Matter(s): Poetics, Politics, and Ethics of the (Utopian) Body in Rimbaud’s Effarés,”Romanic Review 104.1-2 (2014), 83-104. (Official Commendation, Malcolm Bowie Prize 2014)

“Writing Poetry Against the Grain – or, What Can Be Seen in Les Yeux des pauvres,” French Forum 39.1 (2014), 49-63.

“The Bomb in (and the Right to) the City: Batman, Argo, and Hollywood’s Revolutionary Crowds,” The International Journal of Žižek Studies 7:3 (Oct. 2013).

“Le Désordre du val: réflexions sur la blessure de l’histoire et le temps révolutionnaire dans un sonnet de 1870,” Parade sauvage 23 (2012), 25-45.

“Le Moderne absolu ? Rimbaud et la contre-modernité,” Nineteenth-Century French Studies 40: 3-4 (Spring-Summer 2012), 307-326.

"Arthur Rimbaud - poésies, lettres du voyant" - (forthcoming)

“Jules Vallès,” “Gustave Courbet,” "Prosper-O. Lissagaray," “Haussmann/Haussmannisation,” “Coin de table”, in Le Dictionnaire Verlaine, Arnaud Bernadet, ed. (Classiques Garnier, forthcoming 2017).

“Regimes of Art,” in Understanding Rancière, Understanding Modernism, Patrick Bray, ed. (Bloomsbury Press, 2017).

Works in Progress

A book-length study of the body and utopia in the early Rimbaud (Lyric Material); book-length work on radical Parnassus and the uses of poetry against oblivion (Writing Poetry Against the Grain: Baudelaire, Verlaine, Rimbaud); articles on the prose-poetics of rage, irony and history in Baudelaire's "Un Plaisant"; images of "modernity" and the partage du sensible in Marville and Baudelaire's Paris; jealousy and fantasies of domesticity in Les Misérables; anti-disciplinarian poetics in Verlaine's "La soupe du soir".

Co-editor, Parade sauvage (international journal of Rimbaud studies)

Edited Volumes

Nottingham French Studies 55: 1 (March 2016) - co-edited with Dr. Audrey Evrard (Fordham University).

Parade sauvage 26 (Spring, 2016) - co-edited with Denis Saint-Amand.
Parade sauvage 27 (Spring 2017) - co-edited with Denis Saint-Amand.