Kathleen S. Chung '14 awarded the Jonathan B. Rintels Thesis Prize

Kathleen wrote a bilingual Spanish and French thesis on Women of La Española, (The Dominican Republic , Haiti and the Diaspora), directed by Professors Israel Reyes and Keith L. Walker, ninety pages in Spanish and ninety pages in French.

Dean of Faculty,  Michael Mastanduno congratulated Kathleen on her accomplishment.

"The selection committee praised La mujer de La Española: Raza, sexualidad y espiritualidad en la isla y en la diáspora for its ambition, precision, and maturity.  They noted, "Beyond Chung's critical language interventions, it is perhaps the linguistic structure of her thesis that stands out." They continued, "Chung's thesis demonstrates not only the ways in which literature can help through a sharp and revealing light on cultural and social problems, but also how language can be a bridge to deeper cultural understandings." And, they completed their praise by noting, "Book-like in scope, drawing on an intriguing range of sources, and confidently argued, this honors thesis richly deserves commendation and, indeed, the Jonathan B. Rintels Prize."  Your thesis represents excellence in scholarship and creative production.  The associate Deans and I congratulate you on your accomplishment."