LSA+ Toulouse Winter 2023

Advanced Language Study Abroad (LSA+) in Toulouse

Offered in Winter-----


Satisfactory completion of the LSA+ program in Toulouse during the term immediately preceding the term in Paris.


1. Students must complete French 8 (or have been exempted from French 8 during Orientation week) with a grade of B or better.

2.  We encourage students to take a French course (French 10 or higher) as close to their term Paris as scheduling allows, to keep their language skills honed. 


Dist: Lit; WCult: W

  • French 09.01, Exploring French Culture and Language. Practice in the active use of the language combined with an introduction to major aspects of French society. Students will write papers and participate in discussions based on books, articles, and films emphasizing social and historical concepts. The class will emphasize the local architecture and history of Toulouse in excursions and lectures by our French university faculty. Fulfills the prerequisite to the French Major or Minor. 
  • French 10, Introduction to French Literature. Introduction to French Literature:  Masterworks and Great Issues. This course, offered by the Dartmouth Faculty Director of the Program, deals in major figures, themes, or issues of French literature. Techniques of critical reading and interpretation are studied as an approach to these topics. Counts toward the French Major of Minor.  
  • French 12, Advanced Writing and Speaking in French.  Allows students to use their growing mastery of the French language in readings and discussions of masterworks in the original language. This course is taught by our French University Faculty, and counts toward the French Major or Minor.