Toulouse in the winter

Advanced Language Study Abroad (LSA+) in Toulouse

Next offered in Winter 2026.  Contact Professor Lucas Hollister for more information.  


French 3 with a grade of B or better or exemption from French 3. NOTE: All of the courses in the LSA+ and all of the FSP courses count toward the major or minor.

Dist: Lit; WCult: W

Students who complete the LSA+ in Toulouse receive three credits toward a French minor or major! After a term in France, you'll be halfway to fulfilling the six-course minor!

  • French 09.01: Exploring French Culture and Language:  With a special focus on the art and architecture of Toulouse and its region, this course gives students the linguistic and cultural tools to connect more deeply with their surroundings on the LSA+. The course has a broad historical range, from the medieval to the modern period, and provides historical context for understanding artistic, political, religious and economic developments in France. Counts toward the French minor or major.
  • French 10: Introduction to French Literature:  Deals in major figures, themes, and issues of French literature in multiple eras. Training and practice in the techniques of discussion and debate, critical reading and writing, oral presentation and interpretation allow students to progress quickly and approach these topics with confidence. Counts toward the French minor or major.
  • French 12:  Advanced Writing and Speaking in French:  Students will implement their existing knowledge of French while delving into important points of grammar, acquiring substantial new vocabulary, and producing increasingly accurate oral and written work. Among the themes treated will be cultural heritage, tradition, and innovation around the language of music, the arts, and cuisine.  Counts toward the French minor or major.