Major in Romance Languages

Prerequisite: The appropriate prerequisite course in each of the two languages studied.

Romance Languages: French

Includes two of the principal Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese). Majors will be required to take ten major-level courses, six of which shall be selected from the primary language, and four from the secondary language. If the primary language is French, the six courses must include French 10 and one course from French 22, 23, 24, 25 (to be completed by the end of junior year). During their senior year, as their culminating activity, Romance Language majors (whose primary language is French) must take either French 78: Senior Major Workshop or, with special permission, an upper-level French course (numbered French 040 or above). Students taking an upper-level French course as their culminating experience are required to supplement the regular reading with extra materials chosen in consultation with the instructor, and to write a research or critical paper of at least twenty pages.  Please contact Lucas Hollister, the major advisor with questions.  

Romance Languages: Italian

  • Prerequisite: Complete ITAL 8 through the Italian L.S.A.+ or ITAL 9 on campus
  • Course requirements for Romance Languages major with Italian as the primary language:
    • At least 6 courses numbered ITAL 10 or above, excluding ITAL 11 (***see the exceptions below.)
      • 3 of the 6 must be numbered above ITAL 12.
      • 3 of the 6 may be numbered Ital 12 or below.
      • Ital 10 is required for the Romance Languages major with Italian as primary language and may be taken on campus or on the L.S.A.+.  With the approval of the Italian Major Advisor, ITAL 10 may be counted toward the Romance Languages major twice, provided the course topics are different.
      • Along with ITAL 10 on the LSA+, ITAL 12 taken on the L.S.A.+ may count toward the Romance Languages major
      • ***If ITAL 9 is taken on campus and Ital 8 is taken on the L.S.A.+, ITAL 8 will count as fulfilling the prerequisite for the Romance Languages major and Ital 9 may count toward the Romance Languages major.
    • Of the 3 of the 6 courses required for the Romance Languages major that must be numbered above ITAL 12:
      • One must be a course from the pre-1800 period (ITAL 21, ITAL 22, ITAL 23, ITAL 33, ITAL 34).
      • One must be a course from the post-1800 period (ITAL 24, ITAL 25, ITAL 26, ITAL 35, FRIT 93).
      • FRIT and Italian courses taught in English (ITAL 33, ITAL 34, ITAL 35, ITAL 37, FRIT 93) may count toward the Romance Languages major if the student attends a weekly x-hour and does the reading and all written work in Italian. 
      • Please contact Nancy Canepa with any questions.