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  • This fall, take French!

    The Department of French and Italian is a strong presence in the Humanities that is committed to engaging students throughout their college careers (and beyond!). Some of the department's students choose to major in language and literature; many others connect their study of French with courses in government, economics, history or the arts.

    Take French this Fall
  • This fall, take Italian!

    Discover our Italian courses featuring innovative pedagogy, engaging experiential activities, and a deep sense of community. Embark on a learning journey that's not just about acquiring words and grammar. No matter your future career direction, Italian will enrich your experience with newly developed soft skills, intercultural sensitivity, and a global perspective.

    Take Italian
  • Italian Fairy Tales and Their Tellers

    Associate Professor Nancy Canepa's book, The Enchanted Boot, has been short-listed for the IPTA (Italian Prose in Translation Award), awarded by the American Literary Translators Association.   Click here for details.  

    Nancy Canepa
  • What is happiness? Come find out W24 in French 10.19

     "À la recherche du bonheur" with Professor Beasley @ 12: What is happiness?  How has this concept changed over the centuries?  How has its conception and treatment been influenced by social events, gender, and class?  Is there a form of happiness that is particularly French? 

    French 10.19 boost
  • F.I.R.E. OCP Rome program 2023

    July 10, 2023. We're going into the fourth week of the Rome F.I.R.E., program, and things are heating up (literally and metaphorically)!

    FIRE program
  • Italian Internship Opportunities

    The Internship Program recruits passionate students to learn about our leadership framework, our work with profit and nonprofit clients, community-building and urban renewal with the core values of Ivrea in mind. It encourages diverse talents to flourish and find real application in unique sites and institutions. Click here for more.