Major in Italian Studies

Prerequisite: Italian 8 or Italian 9

Major in Italian Studies. Prerequisite for the major: ITAL 8 or ITAL 9.

The Italian Studies Major consists of ten courses, with a minimum of six selected from ITAL 10 and above, and from one to four from appropriate major-level courses offered by other departments or programs. Two of the Italian L.S.A.+ courses (ITAL 10 and ITAL 12) may count toward the major. The Italian courses must include ITAL 10, at least one course from the pre-1800 period, and at least one course from the post-1800 period. During their senior year, as their culminating experience, Italian Studies Majors must take either ITAL 88: Senior Independent Reading and Research or an upper-level Italian course (numbered ITAL 21 or above). Students taking an upper-level Italian course as their culminating experience are required to supplement the regular reading with extra materials chosen in consultation with the instructor, and to write a research or critical paper of at least twenty pages. All culminating experiences must include a public presentation. The major must be approved by the Italian Major Advisor.

French or Italian as a Modifier. If a student wishes to modify a major in another department with French or Italian and wishes the modifying language to be entered on his or her permanent record, the major program must be approved by the Department of French and Italian, as well as by the primary department. The modifying component, which must have some coherence with the primary major, may be organized historically, around a genre (like poetry, drama, or prose fiction), or around a period concept or movement (such as the Enlightenment, baroque, classicism and romanticism, or existentialism), and must consist of major-level courses.