Please note that whether or not students have an individual advisor, all minor plans and subsequent changes must be approved by the French or Italian Minor Advisor.


Prerequisite: Italian 8 or 9

All students wishing to minor in Italian must have completed Italian 8 on campus or through the L.S.A.+ program in Rome or Italian 9 on campus. An Italian minor consists of six courses numbered Italian 10 or above, at least three of which must be numbered above Italian 15. Italian 6, taken on the Italian L.S.A. in Rome, may count toward the minor.  Two of the Italian L.S.A.+ courses (Italian 10 and Italian 12) may count toward the minor. The minor must include Italian 10, at least one course from the pre-1800 period, and at least one course from the post-1800 period.

Italian Minor Advisor

Professor Nancy Canepa
337 Dartmouth Hall


Prerequisite: French 8. 

The minor consists of six courses, which must include: French 10; at least one of the following: French 20, French 21, French 22, French 23, French 24, French 25; and four other advanced courses above the level of French 10, excluding French 15, which does not count toward the major, and French 11.  Among the courses taken on campus, at least one course must treat literature from before the nineteenth century, and at least one must treat literature from the nineteenth century to the present.  French 6, taken on the French L.S.A., may count toward the minor.  Two of the courses offered on the Dartmouth L.S.A.+ and/or F.S.P. in France may count toward the minor.  French 10 may be counted toward the minor only once.  A maximum of one transfer course may count toward the minor.

French Minor Advisor

Professor Kathleen Wine
341 Dartmouth Hall