A Cabinet of Curiousities

A Cabinet of Curiosities

Meraviglia in the 17th Century

The seventeenth century was a period of wonder, anxiety, and discovery. This era, often referred to as the baroque, was one of change in the scientific, intellectual, and artistic realms. Careful documentation and new methods of classification examined exciting new discoveries and the everyday in unprecedented ways. The scientific revolution introduced new ways to understand and explain the natural world, often challenging classical perceptions of our place in the universe. Of particular interest were those with physical abnormalities, deemed monsters or prodigies; at the same time, death and deformity acquired a marvelous dimension. This exhibit examines the ways in which baroque minds explored the wonders of their reality.

The exhibit was curated by Nancy Canepa's Italian 23 class: Simone T. Smith '15, Ana Sofia Gallagher '15, Henry Anderson '15, Marisa A. Werner '16 and Elizabeth Bertasi '15. The exhibit will be on display in the Class of 1965 Galleries March 20 - June 15, 2015.