Luke Katler '15 - Accidental Death of an Anarchist, senior thesis In Italian Studies.

Luke Katler '15 presents Accidental Death of an Anarchist, adapted from Dario Fo’s internationally-acclaimed farce Morte accidentale di un anarchico, as his senior thesis In Italian Studies. The play follows the Fool, a con-artist who stirs up mischief in the NYPD headquarters by using tricks and disguises to reveal the corrupt interrogation tactics and general incompetence police officers used in persecuting an innocent anarchist. The script has been translated, modernized and Americanized from the original Italian and touches on themes of discrimination, police brutality, and the misuse of authority, showing the cross-cultural nature and timelessness of Fo’s seminal work. Most importantly, the play is an uproarious comedy that will leave audiences laughing and thinking critically about contemporary American social issues.