International Workshop-Conference on Literature as Sound Studies

Literature as Sound Studies




Thursday, November 10, 2022

Haldeman Center 031 Kreindler Seminar Room


9.30                 Welcome & breakfast


10.15              Opening remarks


10.30              "Victorian Poetry, Heard and Unheard"

Naomi Levine, Yale University


11.30              "Acoustic Fabulation: Thomas Dekker's Soundwriting"

Scott A. Trudell, University of Maryland


12.30              Lunch


13.30              "German Media Studies, Aural Philology, and their Voices of Difference"

Tanvi Solanki, Yonsei University


14.30              Coffee


15.00              "Unearthing Terrestrial Precarity in Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine's Agadir"

David Fieni, SUNY Oneonta




16.30              Keynote Lecture

Haldeman Center 031 Kreindler Seminar Room




Shane Butler, Johns Hopkins University




Friday, November 11, 2022

Haldeman Center 031 Kreindler Seminar Room


9.30                 Breakfast


10.30              "Pidgin Poetics: Bird Talk in Medieval French and Occitan"

Eliza Zingesser, Columbia University


11.30              "Literary Physics: Poetic Experiments with Sound"

Scott Sanders, Dartmouth College


12.30              Lunch


13.30              "Boris Vian's Sound Map of the Embodied Mind"

Alexandra Lukes, Trinity College Dublin


14.30              Coffee


15.00              "Learning to Listen to/with Literature"

Abigail Lang, Université Paris Cité




16.30              Bilingual Poetry Reading

Still North Books & Bar


La Voix sombre / The Present Voice


Ryoko Sekiguchi, poet

Lindsay Turner, translator