Maximilien Novak wins national research prize on French diplomacy

Take Professor Novak's brand new course next Winter 2025:

FREN 55.07: Propaganda Napoleon to WWII; Propaganda and Public Opinion from Napoleon to World War II: This course studies the political tools used by Napoleon to control public opinion as he enacted his vision of the French nation after the Revolution. We will trace back some of his major philosophical Enlightenment influences in order to consider the legitimacy of his claim of being an heir of the Revolution and will examine the means by which Napoleon controlled public opinion. Finally, we will examine the failure of Napoleon's propaganda system throughout Europe using the German states as a case study. XL with HIST 47.02. World Culture:Western Cultures. Distributives: SOC.  

Upon accepting the award, Professor Novak, representing the Dartmouth Department of French and Italian, will address the members of the Institut present in a speech. The prize will be given by Xavier Darcos, Chancellor of the Institut de France and member of the Académie française. 

Félicitations Max!