2023-2024 French courses

Fall 2023 Courses

French 1:  2 sections (TBD)

French 2:  3 sections (TBD)

French 3:  3 sections (TBD)

French 11: 1 section (TBD)

French 8:  2 sections (TBD)

French 10.08: "Living in Paris/Habiter Paris." LaGuardia @ (TBD)  Living in Paris has generated an enormous amount of writing since the middle ages. This course will examine diverse narrative, poetic, propagandistic, memorial, historical, and anthropological texts that describe the difficulties and the joys of living in the French capital. Works by Perec, L'Estoile, Prévost, Baudelaire, Mercier, Sue, Balzac, Augé, Modiano, Colette, Barthes, Gary, Duras, and others. Prerequisite:  French 8 or permission of instructor. Dist: LIT; WCult: W.

French 10.19:  "À la recherche du bonheur." Beasley @ (TBD)  What is happiness?  How has this concept changed over the centuries?  How has its conception and treatment been influenced by social events, gender, and class?  Is there a form of happiness that is particularly French?  In this course we will explore such questions using texts from the Middle Ages to the 21st century and study the role that the quest for happiness has played in French culture. Prerequisite:  French 8 or permission of instructor. Dist: LIT; WCult: W.

French 21: "Introduction to Francophone Literature and Culture." Larose @ (TBD) This course surveys the evolution of French language (Francophone) literature of the former French colonies and examines the social, political, and cultural issues it raises: race, colonialism, decolonization, revolution, independence, neo-colonialism, Négritude, Antillanité, Créolité, écriture féminine, mimetic desire, cultural hybridity, post-independence government and society. The survey will include novels, plays, poetry, film and essays by representative writers from the principal divisions of the Francophone world: the French West Indies, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa; Quebec, and Francophone Canada. Prerequisite:  French 10 or permission of the instructor. Dist: LIT; WCult: NW. 

French 22: LaGuardia @ (TBD). Introduction to French Literature I:  the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Medieval France - its art, architecture, technology, philosophy and literature - exerted an unparalleled influence throughout Europe. Studying the first texts written in French, as well as the manuscripts in which they circulated, will shed light on the nature of French culture. We will examine defining issues of the period: the transition from oral to written expression, the invention of printing, debates concerning the status of women, Renaissance humanism, scientific inquiry, religious reform and conflict. Texts may include La Chanson de Roland, selected poetry, and works by Chrétien de Troyes, Christine de Pizan, Marguerite de Navarre, François Rabelais, and Michel de Montaigne. Prerequisite:  French 10 or permission of the Instructor. Dist: LIT; WCult: W. 

FRIT 37:  "Versailles." Beasley @ (TBD) 

 French 53.06:  Kritzman @ (TBD).  "Human Rights in France." A wide-ranging survey of the historical and conceptual issues in human rights from the Enlightenment to the present. An examination of philosophical origins and contemporary theoretical debate on citizenship and hospitality, republicanism and universalism; death penalty, women's and gay rights, Charlie Hebdo and freedom of the press. Essays, historical documents and literature. Authors drawn from: Voltaire, Rousseau, Gouges, Renan, Drumont, Hugo, Camus, Sartre Beauvoir, Ben Jelloun, Badinter, Derrida, Kristeva, Agacinski, Lefort, Balibar, Debray.

Winter 2024 Courses

French 1:  2 sections TBD

French 2:  3 sections TBD

French 3:  3 sections TBD

French 8:  1 section TBD

French 10: Beasley at TBD

French 21:  Larose at TBD

French 50:  Sanders at TBD

French 78:  Senior Seminar, Beasley at TBD

LSA+ Toulouse:  Tarnowski

FSP Paris:  St. Clair


Spring 2024 Courses

French 1:  1 section @ TBD

French 2:  2 sections @ TBD

French 3:  4 sections @ TBD

French 11:  1 section @ TBD

French 8:  2 sections @ TBD

French 10:  St. Clair @ TBD

French 25:  Elhariry @ TBD

French 53:  St. Clair @ TBD

French 55:  Tarnowski @ TBD

FSP Paris:  Hollister